Denzel look fine as hell.

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I let my tape rock, til my tape popped.


I let my tape rock, til my tape popped.

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Civil Rights Panel, featuring Allan Morrison.

(Full panel: Malcolm x, Allan Morrison, Wyatt Tee Walker & James Farmer).

We have tried asking. We have tried being morally upright. We have tried to court system. We have tried being nice and playing by their rules. Look at our history… we have tried it all.

And at this point, the person who has the nerve to tell me that my hate for my oppressors is the reason why racism still exists, needs to go jump off a bridge into the deepest abyss.

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City of God (2002)

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New post - Styling in the summer time can be a bit tricky, the weather is scorching and to be honest clothing is the last thing we all want on our bodies. With that being said it really doesn’t not leave many options for us men if we don’ t want to pass out from heat stroke. But like anything in life there is way around it. These are 3 basic ways your style can win this summer and manage the heat.

Summer Suit

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Old painting, new wheatpaste. 

In 2011, I began a series of paintings called Victim of American Fear.(The title is from this article by Adam Serwer for The Prospect. As an illustrator, I’m often inspired to create a painting from something I’ve read.)

The series was meant to address the killings of black people that happen when people find themselves afraid of black people just because they are black. Think Trayvon Martin. Think Oscar Grant. 

Also think Renisha McBride. If I continue this series, I’ll want to include a black woman.  

After the recent killings of more black bodies, I decided to try these paintings out on the street as wheatpastes. 

Critiquing my own work, I do think these paintings are a little over-literal, with the gun targets covering the bodies. I don’t mean to be provocative just for the sake of it. But I do think it’s a strong image. 

These are pasted in Newark. 

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this is amazing, it brings chills to my body

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Kings Rule Together | The Bearded Bunch 

"The Bearded Bunch captures an eclectic group of individuals with varying style, tastes, and backgrounds, the unifying factor is their beards & Philadelphia." - Curran J

Photography: Darren Burton

Location: The Duke Barber Company

The Distinguished League of Bearded Men




Rick James, 1984. Photos by Vinnie Zuffante.

Is that a silk suit


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